Landscapes of Longing

Photographs for the forthcoming book 'Landscapes of Longing' reflect the tranquility of a popular beauty spot. Nature has reclaimed her territory enveloping our man-made interventions and making them her own.  

Local tradition claims the lakes at Waggoners Wells NT as 'hammer ponds' providing water to power machinery in iron production c. 1500-1700AD. The combination of surrounding ancient woodlands and lakes create damp conditions supporting the unusually large variety of lichens and mosses which cover the bark on the old trees at the water's edge. 

Chosen for 'Back & Fill: An Exhibition' in the Round Tower, Portsmouth, part of a multi town festival 30 October - 1 November 2020.  

Arranged by the Hotwalls Studios in collaboration with Marine Studios in Margate, this exhibition celebrated the creativity and resilience of coastal artists, uniting coastal communities across the UK in a shared, creative purpose.